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It is best to reserve your ducklings as soon as possible in the year as we breed in very limited quantity and sell out very quickly! You can reserve yours by contacting us through the Contact page.

All of our ducklings are sold straight run with no exceptions If you wish to have a specific pair of ducks then I would suggest contacting us to purchase a pair of adults (pending availability).

We guarantee that all ducklings sold are robust and free of disease. Every bird hatched is throughly inspected for physical defects and low vigor, only the healthiest ducklings are sold. All of the waterfowl we sell, comes from our own farm. All of our matings consist of Top Show Quality waterfowl, keep in mind that you should raise 2-3 birds if a show bird is desired.

Orders after December 31st must be paid in full, with no refunds given after February 15th. Payment can be submitted by email money transfer (EMT), personal cheque, money order or Paypal.

**In 2018 we will begin export shipping to the USA. Currently booking orders.**

Rare Indian Runner Assortment may include (no exceptions): Black, Silver, Blue Fawn, Pastel, Trout, Blue Trout, Saxony (Apricot Trout), Dusky, Aleutian, Blue Dusky, Blue Dusky Aleutian, Apricot Dusky, Cinnamon, Buff, Khaki, Faery Fawn (not presently for sale), Emery Pencilled, Silver Emery Pencilled, Blue Fawn Pencilled.

Standard Runner Assortment may include: Blue, Chocolate, American Fawn & White, Pencilled, Gray and White

Dutch Hookbill Assortment may include: Dusky, Bibbed Dusky, Aleutian, Golden Dusky, Gray, Golden, Trout (new), Gold Trout (new), Snowy, Snowy Gold phase.

Estimated shipping costs in Canada start at (CDN): $90 minimum* Air Canada charge and $10 cardboard duckling box.

Estimated shipping costs to USA start (USD): $150 minimum and $10 cardboard duckling box + $100 health certificate/vet costs.

Farm pick-up is always welcome and encouraged in Cobourg, Ontario.

**Minimum ducklings required to ship is 20. Minimum farm pickup is 10 ducklings.** Ducklings are available to ship within Canada through Air Canada or Westjet airlines only.

Set prices are as follows 2018 (USD/CDN):


Top Show Quality

Giant Dewlap Toulouse Adult only
Blue American $75
Lavender American $75


Top Show Quality

Indian Runner - standard assortment $15
Indian Runner - rare assortment $15
Welsh Harlequin - gold/silver assortment $12.50
Ancona $12.50
Saxony $12.50
Silver Appleyard $12.50
Dutch Hookbill $15
Mini Golden Cascades $12.50
Spotted Call Ducks $20

This little one needed our help

Our ducklings from Spring 2014

Trout duckling from Spring 2014

Young runners from Spring 2014

Apricot Valley Waterfowl