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We have made the decision to no longer show our waterfowl, due to the stress, potential for disease and lack of competition in Canada at this point in time.

Our happiness comes from the healthy look on the ducklings faces when they are born and start to walk and when they become adults and run across the yard and make us laugh. We have a very strong emphasis on producing correct healthy waterfowl.

A feature article in the Indian Runner Duck Association of the UK on some of our Indian Runners:

We did show 12 Indian Runner ducks at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 2014. 10 of our ducks were in the All Other Colours (AOC) variety.

Best in Variety and Reserve best in variety for our young black duck/drake.

young blue trout drake 2nd, young cinnamon duck 4th.

Young female trout, 2nd place.

Young apricot trout pair, 3rd place

Apricot Valley Waterfowl