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About Us

We are a waterfowl farm in Northumberland Country in Ontario Canada. Our waterfowl stock has been primarily obtained and hand picked by Dave Holderread in Corvallis, Oregon USA. We imported the last of his Elite quality Indian Runners and we are preserving Dave's 50+ years of work into the breed. We also maintain other large primary breeding flocks from Dave's Preservation Center.

We breed Elite Indian Runner, Welsh Harlequin, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Dutch Hookbill, Spotted call ducks, Mini Golden Cascades, Aylesbury and Ancona ducks. We also breed Giant Dewlap Toulouse and American Blue/Lavender geese.


We operate differently from most other waterfowl farms as our aim is preservation. Our animals live as naturally as possible with access to pasture, forests and grazing. We supplement their free range diets with microgreens, sprouts and fermented feed. We enjoy them every single day! We are a proud member and representative of the Indian Runner Duck Association of the UK (IRDA UK).

Our farm

Apricot Valley Waterfowl